Apex: Legends

Senior Sound Designer
May 2021 — Present


Audio Lead
Jul 2018 — 2020

Gears: Tactics

Senior Sound Designer
Jul 2018 — Dec 2019


Sound Designer
Jul 2015 - Jul 2018 [cancelled]

Gears: Ultimate

Sound Designer
Jul 2014 — Jul 2015

Dirty Bomb

Dialogue Editor
Jul 2013 — Dec 2013

"I make games to create meaningful and impactful experiences.
Bringing joy and satisfaction to listeners is what I'm here for."

What do I do?

My game audio career started in the crazy world of multiplayer combat games. I've done all kinds of things across Music, Dialogue and SFX.

I do a lot of design, recording, implementation and mixing. I've also been in leadership roles directing teams, composers and voice actors.

I've worked a lot with Reaper, Unreal & Wwise over the last years. I'm always discovering more to do with them!

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